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Autism's Behavioral Learning Experts


ABLE Kids Co. specializes in crafting tailored ABA (applied behavior analysis) programs designed to meet the unique needs of a diverse range of children, always with the utmost care. Our team's foremost commitment is to provide the highest standard of support to every child and family we serve. Our program is centered on the dual goals of diminishing maladaptive behaviors and enhancing socially acceptable skills. Each program we develop is finely tuned to the specific dynamics of the family unit, with a primary focus on individualized plans and objectives for each child.

Our Story

Our story began with a heartfelt plea from a family who had witnessed the remarkable success achieved by our founder and her team in a school setting. It was a request for continued support that couldn't be turned down, and so, Just for J was born, dedicated to ensuring this child received the support he truly deserved. As time passed, other families in the community recognized the impact of our work and expressed their desire to join our company for support as well. As our company expanded to meet this growing need, we adopted the name ABLE Kids Co. , a more inclusive title reflecting our broader mission of making a difference not just for one family, but for many within our community. Our dream of helping others began with one family and has since blossomed into something far-reaching and transformative.


Our approach is rooted in setting goals and utilizing data to decrease problematic behaviors and enhance social interactions. Many children exhibit behaviors like aggression and self-stimulation, and our efforts are directed towards reducing self-stimulatory behaviors while fostering vital social skills such as interpersonal communication.



With the parent and child we meet in the community. This helps desensitize them to certain environments and teaches them how to cope within the community. These outings are invaluable when it comes to teaching independence, social skills, safety skills, and awareness skills. Parents are welcome to join us on community outings — you will find it a very rewarding process that instills valuable socially acceptable behaviors.


It is important that parents have the skills necessary to teach desired behaviors without reinforcing undesired ones. Our supervisors will work with parents directly to teach these skills. This service is also available on weekends, and we encourage that all parents take advantage of this opportunity.



Our social groups are structured with a 4:1 participant-to-supervisor ratio for conducting lessons. In these sessions, we focus on various aspects of peer communication, including initiation, turn-taking, staying on topic, tolerating others' ideas, attending, waiting, and many other essential skills. It's an enjoyable and engaging experience!