Real Stories, Real Impact

Able Kids has been by far, the best ABA center we have experienced. The staff are happy, professional and well-trained but most importantly they embrace my child’s differences and truly have a heart for all the kiddos there. I know my non-verbal, autistic daughter feels it too because this is the happiest I’ve seen her at any of her therapies!

Jennifer K.

We have 2 boys and both have co-occurring autism and ADH/D and started with Able Kids back in 2018 when they were 6 & 5. Our oldest was having giant meltdowns on almost a daily basis which included screaming, crying, throwing things and trashing their bedroom. I felt so confused, ashamed, and helpless not knowing what to do or how to help him. My younger son was also struggling with talking and we did not know yet at the time that he also had autism. I will never forget the day that our BCBA came in, my oldest started having a meltdown trashing his room and she turned to me and said, "I know it is going to be hard but if you can please trust me I promise you it will get better." I didn't know what ABA was or how it worked but not knowing what else to do I took a leap of faith and trusted her.

It has been over 5 years now and both of my boys continue ABA therapy with Able Kids. My oldest still has occasional meltdowns but he is not trashing the house out of anger, can communicate his feelings, and is willing to go and try new things. My youngest who was barely talking when he started will attempt to have conversations, can tolerate other kids playing near him, and is even now showing an interest in making friends. Both boys will help with simple chores around the house and are excited to share with us information about their current favorite topics.

I have always felt part of the ABA process with Able Kids. By observing and being part of the boys sessions I have learned how to effectively communicate with my children at their current levels. My BCBA helped me learn what were reasonable vs unreasonable expectations for the boys depending on where they were at developmentally. With parent training my husband and I were taught how to manage the meltdowns when we were not in session so that there were consistent expectations on a regular basis. Most importantly though we no longer felt like we were alone and/or losing our minds.

Kara C.

Able Kids has been a great company to work with for our daughter.  We have felt like the company's owner and staff care about not only our child but about our family too.  When my husband got a new job and we had to change insurance companies- we did not miss a day of therapy.  The owner told me not to worry about it.  I was worried we would lose our team we had been with for over a year and half- again- she told me not to worry.  That kind of support is one of many why we are happy to be with Able Kids.

Our direct team shows us kindness when our daughter struggles with a skill and celebrates when she has a success! They genuinely care about our daughter.  That means a lot to us.

Monica N.

Emma, our fifteen year old daughter with autism, has been going to Able Kids at their El Dorado Hills center for two years.  It’s been a super positive experience for her and our family.  Emma's language is up, and her aggression is way down.  Emma’s supervisor, Vilai, and the company owner, Renee, have communicated well with us from the start, and the therapists have been great with Emma.  The therapists have been fun and kind but also consistent and firm in helping Emma progress.  We’ve worked with a few ABA companies since our daughter’s autism diagnosis at two and a half, and Able Kids is the best!

Sarah K.