Able Kids Co. offers a positive and systematic approach to teach children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. Our focus is on building communication and functional skills while reducing behavioral excesses and deficits.

Able Kids Co. embraces the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and follows the guidelines established by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board. Through the assessment process, we identify aberrant behaviors that limit the child’s quality of life. We develop an individualized program intended to teach socially acceptable alternative behaviors that enable the child greater access to their environment and peers.

The program is carefully monitored by the behavior analysts and modified as needed to facilitate continued progress. Program services are offered in home, school, clinic, social groups and in the community to address the global needs of the child. We treat children 12 months to 30 years of age.

We proudly partner with Music to Grow on, for music therapy within our social groups. We are also a proud parnter of Dream Catcher Thearte program to foster imagination, creativity and leadership. Treatment is provided one-to-one to ensure specialized intervention.

These services are often covered by insurance and some State agencies such as ALTA or MediCal. Check with your specific insurance provider to learn more about your child’s specific benefits.

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